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Spa Journey

Thermal Spa Experience
Cocooned in the heart of The Spa at Hodson Bay Hotel is Ireland's finest Thermal Spa. The unique combinations of specialist thermal cabins offer intense relaxation and detoxification, an ideal prelude to any spa treatment or simply as a treatment in itself. The Thermal Spa promotes an improved metabolic rate, clearing of the lungs and sinuses, softening of hair and skin, body detoxification and stimulation of the senses.

Radiant, dry heat infused with essential oils at an ambient temperature of 60 to 65 degrees makes this thermal cabin the perfect choice for those seeking a more gentle pace of detoxification and perspiration.

Rock Sauna
The warmest cabin in our Thermal Spa, with intense dry heat at a temperature of 85-95 degrees. The Rock Sauna aids rapid perspiration, detoxification, and purification as well as relaxation to tired and stressed muscles.

Dolmen Steam Room
Maximising all the benefits and characteristics of the traditional Turkish Steam therapy combined with a dramatic Irish Dolmen rock formation. The aroma infused steam enhances the detoxification of the complexion and hair. Gentle light therapy also assists in balancing the mind and body.
Tropical Rain & Ice Showers
Relax as the cool, delicate tropical rain and ice showers soothe and invigorate for all round refreshment.

Ice Well & Deluge Shower
Feel the sensation of instant cool down and refreshment with finely crushed ice from the ice well or the release of ice cold water in the Deluge Shower.

Heated Relaxation Loungers
Our heated Relaxation Loungers provide a fitting beginning and end to your Thermal Spa Experience. Recline on the ergonomically designed beds while warm temperatures gently penetrate through to the muscles of the entire body.

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